The tour of Pelion is an agreement of greenery, of waterfall waters, of dense shadows, of birdsong and of exquisite views of the vast Aegean Sea and the peaceful Pagasitikos. Deep ravines, where the vegetation rages and the sun never reaches their depth, hide beautiful settlements and sights. Of all the villages of Pelion, there is one that stands out for its traditional Pelion architecture: Pinakates, one of the little “big secrets” that today few, anxious – unintentionally wandering – travelers know about central Pelion. The village, built on a verdant slope, is a whole attraction. It stands out for the characteristic samples of traditional Pelion Architecture. which we find both in its impressive mansions and in its smaller folk houses. It is the most architecturally well-preserved village in Pelion, and has been characterized as a preserved settlement since 1979.