PANTOULI Ktima Winery

Our love for the vineyard and the wine, pushed us in 2002 to leave life in the city and to start with a lot of passion and passion in the creation of our estate.
We are in Peristasi Pieria just 1 km from the sea between Paralia and Olympiaki Akti and we are 20 ‘away from Olympus and the Pieria Mountains respectively.
In our space where we work and live permanently with our three children there is the winery, cellar, traditional distillery, tasting rooms, square and courtyards, while the property is surrounded by vineyards. It is visitable and can host various events.
Our vineyards cover an area of ​​42 acres. They are located around and near the estate and in Halkidiki in the area of ​​the Municipality of N. Kallikratia. We cultivate Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot while in some wines we also use Roditis.
We are an emerging company that strives hard to establish itself in the wonderful world of wine and spirits, aspiring to improve and mature year by year, producing quality products and contributing to the promotion of the unsurpassed Pierikos place.

Our wines
1 MALAGOUSIA PANTIERE (Dry white – Malagouzia)
2 PANTIERA RED (Dry red from Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon varieties)
3 PANTIERE ROSE (Dry rosé wine, Shiraz)
4 Pantouli Merlot Winery
5 Dry white wine (Roditis – Malagouzia)
6 Retsina Pantouli (Roditis) awarded a bronze medal at the International Wine and Spirits Competition of Thessaloniki 2021