ENALION Bar -Restaurant

The tradition of quality food in Hydra, in a wonderful location, next to the sea.

Giannis and the staff of “ENALIO” welcome you to the beautiful space they have created, “in front” of the sea.

At “Enalion”, the mood for the nostalgic home cooking tradition, gives the flavors of the food, the authenticity of the good Greek cuisine that we thought was lost.

Very kind staff and excellent service

At “Enalion” we are waiting for you, to offer you a wonderful taste journey in a pleasant place, with a happy atmosphere and a view of the endless blue of the sea.
Here all the dishes are cooked with passion, knowledge and excellent raw materials. Both fresh fish and seafood that smell of iodine as well as fresh meat and vegetables are selected with great care.
The magical combination of delicious dishes offered with very friendly prices is a serious reason to make “Enalion” your permanent hangout in Hydra.