Olympiada is a village in the northeast of the prefecture of Chalkidiki. It is located in the municipality of Aristotle. Main occupation is tourism and fishing. Its distance from Ierissos is 35 kilometers and 90 from Thessaloniki. The main church is that of Agia Kyriaki. In the village there is a doctor’s office, IKA, a kindergarten, a primary school and a police station. About 700 meters is the archeological site of ancient Stageira. The area is protected by the Natura 2000 program. There is infrastructure suitable for tourists, hotels, campsites and beaches. In Olympiada is the statue of Aristotle as the settlement is located a short distance from his homeland, the ancient Stageira. The bust of Menelaos Loundemis has also been erected as the people of Asia Minor who created the Olympiad were compatriots of the important writer, from Agia Kyriaki of Aigialos in Asia Minor.