A tribute from TRAVELING GUIDE for ARNEA Chalkidiki. It is the other Halkidiki. The one that has no sea. Its tourism is not based on beaches, sunbathing and water sports. Here in mountainous Halkidiki – yes there is also mountainous Halkidiki – the emphasis is on walking, history, exploring unique landscapes, enjoying unique flavors. We will start our tour from the traditional and beautiful settlement of Arnaia. Here at the foot of Holomontas, the green mountain, the mountain that Aristotle chose to live a few years of his life. A short walk to the traditional settlement is enough to understand the diversity of the area. Beautiful paved, beautiful courtyards, restored houses. Walking through the narrow streets of Arnaia you will have the opportunity to follow some of the engraved routes with the aim of easier acquaintance with the architectural richness of the settlement.